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Our courses and programs offer the quickest and most convenient manner of HVAC and Refrigeration training available to the busy adult.

Career advice, training, and continued support throughout your career driven from professional HVAC and Refrigeration Educators. 
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Choose HVACRedu for your Air Conditioning Technician training

HVACRedu maintains the most extensive selection of online courses relating to the air conditioning, refrigeration, and building automation industries. Developed by a team of subject matter experts (SME) and Certified Master HVAC Educators (CMHE) the courses and programs are considered to be the basis for all other competitors.


Find out about the HVACREDU difference and how we can make a difference in your chosen career pathways.

Certified HVAC Technician

Certified Air Conditioning Technician Training

Sample Lesson: Chris Compton provides a lecture on the basics of the direct expansion refrigeration cycle. Each of our courses is rich with photos and videos that help intensify the learning process.

The new Technician entering the trades needs the core skills to succeed. This accredited training track, called the NATE Certified HVAC Technician Program ensures that the new technician succeeds with a combination of videos, video lectures and more.

The academic program is taught by an experienced team of Certified Master HVAC Educators.

Upon completion, students have the option to purchase an in-person 10-day session in our regional hands-on training centers. Upon the end of this 10-day session, a minimum of 47 functional competencies is demonstrated to an experienced Instructor. Students are expected pass each competency check.

Commercial Refrigeration for the HVAC Technician

Commercial Refrigeration
for the HVAC Technician

Sample Lesson: This program is one of our most popular. One of the major highpoints of the program is a focus on controls and sequences of operation.

Experienced HVAC technicians spend time wondering how that walk-in freezer or ice machine works. This in-depth program is specifically intended for experienced HVAC technicians. Taught by Dick Wirz, this program answers most of the burning questions asked by field technicians.

With a combination of videos and the textbook written by Dick Wirz, the HVAC technician finishes the course complete with new knowledge that can be put to use immediately. The entire team of Certified Master Educators is available for questions related to the training.

Direct Digital Control Systems

Building Automation

​​​​​​​Direct Digital Controls (DDC)

Sample Lesson: Ron Auvil presents a comprehensive program of content rich building automation lectures, labs and content. This program is best for experienced technicians with expert understanding of electrical theory.

This advanced program is designed for HVAC Technicians and others involved in the HVAC industry.  It will begin with the Fundamentals of HVAC Control Systems and move all the way through troubleshooting systems. 

A series of recorded video lecture presentations included with each learning module are covered in detail in a ‘ride-along in the service van’ format. All scenarios are derived from actual service calls. Upon completion of this program, the technician will have covered a minimum 75% of the most frequent service calls on BAS/DDC.

  • Our course catalog contains 100's of specialty online courses. We invite you to review the course and program catalog. 

  • All courses are delivered in English. Many of the courses are also delivered in Spanish .

  • Subscription program are available that allow access to any course in the catlog for a fixed annual fee. 


Discover the training advantages

Third Party Accredited


Each program and course is HVAC Excellence Accredited


Each course and program is recognized by NATE for initial certification and continuing education hours
(CE Hours)

Professional Career Instructors


A dedicated Instructional team of Subject Matter Experts 


HVACExcellence Certified
Master HVACR Educators (CMHE)




Strategic Partners


Unique Courses


Happy Clients

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Content Sources
Rigorous Online Content

Subject Matter Experts

Technical Writers

Textbook Publishing Companies

Equipment Manufacturers

Building Codes

College and Business Programs


Online Curriculum
1743 Hours

581 three-hour instructional modules

Technical eBooks provided with course

Approx. 800 streaming videos

Approx. 3000 handouts

Modules are voiced (learn out loud)

20 assessment questions at the end of every 3-hour module

145 assessment questions per 6 module courses

Addition of 80-100 hours of new course material per year


NATE Certification & CEU’s

RTW (Ready to Work)

NATE Core certification

NATE certification tracks in multiple specialties

Air Conditioning

Air Distribution

Air-to-Air Heat Pump

Gas Furnace

Oil Furnace

Hydronics Gas

Hydronics Oil

Senior Energy Analyst


HVAC Excellence Certification Tracks

Ready to Work

Core Exam-Principles of Elect & Refrigeration

Residential Air Conditioning

Light Commercial Air Distribution

Light Commercial Refrigeration

Heat Pump Service

Heat Pump Installer

Electric Heat

Oil Heat

Residential & Light Commercial Hydronics

Universal EPA 608


Home Performance Professional Blended Program

BPI certification tracks in multiple specialties

BPI Building Analyst

BPI AC/HP Specialty



16 Hour EPA 608 prep

24 Hour Economizer / DCV course

40 Hour Low-Pressure Boiler License prep

87 Hour BAS/DDC (Building Automation Systems)

84 Hour BPI Building Analyst Program

160 Hour Service Core Program

160 Hour WET Program – Wholesale Employee Training

42 Hour Commercial Refrigeration Program

254 Hour Certified Technician Program

4-year, 620 Hour ANSI-CAP HVAC Apprentice Related Training

36 Hour Chiller Mechanic Program

 “Core” curriculum translated into Spanish

FET (Facilities Engineering Technician) program

VAV System Troubleshooting

IT for HVAC Technicians

HVAC Boot Camp - Transition Residential Tech to Commercial Tech

CMHE Program-Certified Master HVACR Educator

Educational Webinars

Current Development

Simulations & Games

Video demonstrations


Program Quality Recognized
By Third Party Review (State HVAC Boards)

Approval and acceptance by State HVAC boards

4 Year HVAC Apprenticeship Related Training Program




Program Quality Recognized
By Third Party Review (Industry and Academic)

QM (Quality Matters) Review by University of Maryland Online

NATE Recognized

BPI Recognized

Winner of the Gold Dealer Design Award in the Contractor Services category for the ItsAboutQ Program

Quality Accreditations
By Third Party Review – (Accrediting Agencies)

ANSI-CAP (Certificate Accreditation Program)

HVAC Excellence programmatic accreditation

Program Quality Student Performance
By Evidence-Based (Our Students)

92% Pass Rate on Certification Exams

Student Survey (Every Student in Every Course)

94% report their experience with is Good, Very Good, or Excellent

Completion Rates

85%+ successfully complete program of study

Impact of Program (Existing Workforce)

171% Average increase in technician knowledge base

The scope of Program Support

Plan for Existing Technical Workforce

Benchmark technicians at the beginning

TCA (Technical Core Assessment)

A “Test In / Test Out” process

A PEP (Professional Education Plan) is developed for each technician based upon the TCA results

Fundamental skill holes filled before advanced topics

PEP Issued to employer and technician

Educational process begins guided by the PEP & a Target determined by the employer. 

Plan for Entry Level Workforce

Several Recommended Programs

Certified Technician Program (234 Hrs.)

4 Year ANSI CAP HVAC Apprenticeship (610 Hrs.)

Service Core Program (160 Hrs.)

Total Reporting Features

Employers have access online to check and monitor their technician progress in the program.

Significant data are taken directly from employer’s workforce WE&T process (Workforce Education & Training)

Student Services can provide a customized report monthly or;

Employers can be set up with their dashboard to check on performance at any moment (Preferred)

Progress, Grades, Attendance

Program Instruction

World-class faculty

All successfully complete OFT (Online Faculty Training) before teaching

All hold HVAC Excellence (Certified Subject Matter Educator)

CSME Certifications and are available live from 11 AM – 7 PM PST


Technology Support

LMS (Learning Management System)




Social media

The scope of Student Support

Student Services Group



Monitor Student Activity


Completion Certificates


Direct contact and support of student issues

Technical assistance to assist students with online technical issues

The scope of Content Support

Content development team

Development of new content

Constant enhancement of existing content

Development of proprietary material

Exam engine & exam bank management