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Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 
Technician Training

A Special Announcement

HVACRedu continues to operate virtually across the country and in many countries. We’ve been working in the virtual environment for 20+ years. We have readily picked up the collective pieces and continue to charge ahead without restriction continuing to serve our students and technicians. With many businesses, schools, and municipalities closed, an opportunity to upskill the workforce has resurfaced.

For the past two weeks, registrations have surged over 300% in some segments, lower and higher in others. With our current infrastructure, we can help at any enrollment capacity with our Learning Management Systems being modernized over the past two years. From serving HVAC/R career technical education (CTE) through accurate and timely reporting, we can help.

Here are the suggested ways we can help:

For Students: Continue with your existing courses or choose from a full complement of exciting topics that include NATE Certification! Nothing has changed.

For Contractors: If you continue to pay your employees to shelter-in-place, then consider HVAC/R or customer service courses for your workforce. Accurate reporting facilitates effective employee management from afar.

For schools: With closures announced through summer school, enrollments have notably surged. HVACRedu has CTE modeled courses and programs to backfill or replace an existing curriculum. Training and peer support are available to your current faculty and staff without charge.

For Municipalities: Consider virtual training. HVACRedu delivers training as an academic model (Career Technical Education).  

The continuous advantages of online/on-demand training are:

  • Access is 24/7/365, no fixed schedule or location-ideal for at-home and working adults
  • No travel, meals, per diem expenses
  • Ability to attend and review the training numerous times until it is understood.
  • Periodic online exams verify competence. Accurate reporting is paramount to this success.


Explore and Choose From Focused Air Conditioning Training

Our courses and programs offer the quickest and most convenient manner of HVAC and Refrigeration training available to the busy adult.

Career advice, training, and continued support throughout your career driven from professional HVAC and Refrigeration Educators. 
When you succeed, we succeed.

Algunos cursos también están disponibles en español

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More Information about Our Featured Air Conditioning Training Programs


Choose HVACRedu for your Air Conditioning Technician training

HVACRedu maintains the most extensive selection of online courses relating to the air conditioning, refrigeration, and building automation industries. Developed by a team of subject matter experts (SME) and Certified Master HVAC Educators (CMHE) the courses and programs are considered to be the basis for all other competitors.


Find out about the HVACREDU difference and how we can make a difference in your chosen career pathways.


Examples of Our Courses

Certified HVAC Technician

Certified Air Conditioning Technician Training

Sample Lesson: Chris Compton provides a lecture on the basics of the direct expansion refrigeration cycle. Each of our courses is rich with photos and videos that help intensify the learning process.

The new Technician entering the trades needs the core skills to succeed. This accredited training track, called the NATE Certified HVAC Technician Program ensures that the new technician succeeds with a combination of videos, video lectures and more.

The academic program is taught by an experienced team of Certified Master HVAC Educators.

Upon completion, students have the option to purchase an in-person 10-day session in our regional hands-on training centers. Upon the end of this 10-day session, a minimum of 47 functional competencies is demonstrated to an experienced Instructor. Students are expected pass each competency check.

Commercial Refrigeration for the HVAC Technician

Commercial Refrigeration
for the HVAC Technician

Sample Lesson: This program is one of our most popular. One of the major highpoints of the program is a focus on controls and sequences of operation.

Experienced HVAC technicians spend time wondering how that walk-in freezer or ice machine works. This in-depth program is specifically intended for experienced HVAC technicians. Taught by Dick Wirz, this program answers most of the burning questions asked by field technicians.

With a combination of videos and the textbook written by Dick Wirz, the HVAC technician finishes the course complete with new knowledge that can be put to use immediately. The entire team of Certified Master Educators is available for questions related to the training.

Direct Digital Control Systems

Building Automation

​​​​​​​Direct Digital Controls (DDC)

Sample Lesson: Ron Auvil presents a comprehensive program of content rich building automation lectures, labs and content. This program is best for experienced technicians with expert understanding of electrical theory.

This advanced program is designed for HVAC Technicians and others involved in the HVAC industry.  It will begin with the Fundamentals of HVAC Control Systems and move all the way through troubleshooting systems. 

A series of recorded video lecture presentations included with each learning module are covered in detail in a ‘ride-along in the service van’ format. All scenarios are derived from actual service calls. Upon completion of this program, the technician will have covered a minimum 75% of the most frequent service calls on BAS/DDC.

  • Our course catalog contains 100's of specialty online courses. We invite you to review the course and program catalog. 

  • All courses are delivered in English. Many of the courses are also delivered in Spanish .

  • Subscription program are available that allow access to any course in the catlog for a fixed annual fee. 

Discover the Training Advantages

Third Party Recognized

Each program and course is  recognized by NATE for initial certification and continuing education hours (CE Hours)

Professional Career Instructors

A dedicated instructional team of Subject Matter Experts (SME) and HVACExcellence Certified
Master HVAC/R Educators (CMHE)