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ItsAboutQ Training Program

San Diego Gas & Electric, serving almost 14 million people, launched an extensive technician training program. Technical proficiency is declining. Technician workforce has also been declining. Technicians retiring and quitting the industry are outpacing new incoming technical workforce. Long recognized, technician certification is an accurate indicator of competence. By offering no-charge courses to newer technicians, they are brought up to professional proficiency standards sooner.

  • ItsAboutQ is the dedicated program for San Diego Gas & Electric and powered by HVACRedu.net

  • This scholarship program supports the necessary education and training for technicians based in THE San Diego, California service area to acquire industry recognized stackable credentials.

Technicians, who qualify train free, and upon completion of their customized training plans, first receive access to TekAssist, an assessment driven review to practice taking certification exams. Once a technician has successfully completed a review with TekAssist and is ready to take their exam, they receive a prepaid voucher which they must present at the exam location.

  • Our students pass the NATE Core exam at a rate of 94%, and the various NATE specialty exams at rates between 80% and 91%.

We do what we do extremely well, and we can help you do well, too. This program model can is customizable for any Electric Energy Utility interested in professional workforce development.