NATE Ready to Work Program

The NATE Ready to Work Program is designed to cultivate new technicians into the industry with all the essential skills needed to start a career in HVAC. There are no prerequisites. Please follow the Program Admissions Process found as a link below. Successfully completing this program with a grade of 75% or more provides you with your OSHA 10 hour safety card (included); and you are prepared for your first NATE Ready-to-Work (RTW) Certificate Exam.

You can purchase the exam on the NATE web site (it comes with a PDF study guide) and take it on your computer. After you pass, the exam fee will be refunded to you in full! All we need is for you to email us proof that you passed the exam and a copy of your paid invoice/receipt. We will mail you a check.

Students can move through course material more quickly or take the full 60 days per course, as they choose. To better understand all the topics included, you can read the specific course descriptions in our Master Catalog which you can download from the HOME page.

010 Employability Skills (9 hours)

Learn how to provide customers with first class customer service by becoming a valued employee, handling your paperwork and recordkeeping correctly, and communicating with your customers and co-workers in professional ways that develop return customers.

050 HVACR Applied Math (12 hours)

This course provides demonstrations and exercises in the four basic math functions; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Each of the four functions is practiced using HVAC workplace applications.The course is offered without an instructor, but everything you need is included in the learning modules to refresh your working knowledge of basic math.

106 Building Systems (3 hours)

This is an entry-level course in a single module designed for those who need a basic understanding of residential building construction assemblies, terms and materials, as they pertain to HVAC installation and service work on a jobsite.

109 Basic Hand and Power Tools (6 hours)

An introduction to the basic hand, power and specialty tools used daily by the working HVACR technician.

BHE Intro to HVAC Systems (3 hours)

Understanding HVAC Systems covers the fundamentals of how fuel is converted into energy, the types of space heating and cooling systems typically found in North American homes, and current ventilation system requirements for new construction.

OSHA 10 Hour Construction Safety (10 hours)

This online training course teaches recognition, avoidance, abatement and prevention of safety and health hazards in workplaces. This course also provides information regarding workers’ rights, employer responsibilities and how to file a complaint. It was designed to help workers stay up-to-date with their OSHA safety requirements.

NATE Ready to Work Exam (included)