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Updated 9/20/12, 2/6/13, 7/2/13, 11/12/13, 9/12/2014, 6/29/17

To offer complete, comprehensive and growing educational programs, recognized by the leading experts in the HVACR industry as the premier online education resource for the HVACR, Building Performance, and related communities.

Quality online education, student success, and exceptional customer services are our primary objectives. HVACR is the leading online education provider for the JVACR and Building Performance industries.  We strive to continue to build and expand our services, partnerships, and credentials, and to maintain our educational quality built to national standards.

These policies will support the vision and mission of the HVACR educational programs and courses by providing guidelines and guidance for decisions relating to students. 


Welcome from the CEO

1.  Where do you begin?

      1.a. Registration

      1.b. Fees

      1.c. Refunds

      1.d. Textbooks

      1.e. Login

      1.f. Orientation

2.  Student Issues

      2.a. Attendance/Participation

      2.b. Resources and Support

      2.c. Academic Honesty

      2.d. Communication

      2.e. Grades

      2.f. Student Surveys

      2.g. Equity/Disability Guidelines

      2.h. Safety

      2.i. Student Confidentiality

3. Student Complaints

      3.a. Student Complaint Guidelines

Welcome from the CEO

Program Student HandbookChris Compton, CEO

Welcome students.  You have made an excellent choice by learning online.  The HVACR industry is changing and requires more computer skills and a higher level of knowledge and performance.  Your online program will give you the exposure to computer skills and to the excellent curriculum you will need to acquire industry certifications and to be successful technicians.

Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service and superior online education in the HVACR industry for the success of our students.  I am very proud of our awesome crew who meet the professional educational needs of our students every day.  I am pleased that you have joined us.  Remember we are always here to assist you with your HVACRedu.net needs. 

1.  Where do you begin?

1.a.  Registration

Within 24 hours of the time your payment is received, your welcome letter will be emailed from Student Services to you with a copy to your instructors.


1.b.  Fees

For information about current prices and fees, please visit our online store.  Your enrollment fees are normally received before registration.  Additional fees (course extension) may be charged if you do not complete your studies on schedule. 

1.c. Refunds

Student enrollments are paid through a number of avenues.  HVACRedu.net will work with the purchasing party for that student’s enrollment.  If the purchase was through an employer or through one of our partners, we will work with the paying individual who will communicate with the student. Employers and Partners will also be held to this policy.  We will work with the student only if the student purchased the course or program directly through HVACRedu.net.

Withdrawal after start of a PROGRAM:

A student may request a refund after withdrawal from a PROGRAM he has started.  Refunds will be issued as follows:

If the student enrolled in a PROGRAM, withdraws, and requests a refund any time during the first seven days the refund will be the program purchase price minus any textbook price (if applicable), shipping charges (if applicable), and a $125 administrative fee.

If the student enrolled in a PROGRAM, withdraws, and requests a refund after attempting an exam OR after the first seven days from the purchase date, there will be no refund given.

Refunds will not be applied as credit toward any other enrollment.  Refunds will be mailed within two weeks after the refund request has been approved.

There will be no refund for a student that uses a payment plan to purchase a program. Any remaining payments will be cancelled and not processed from time of withdraw.

Students requesting a refund should email orders@hvacredu.net.

1.d.  Textbooks

If a textbook(s) is required, it will be listed at the end of the Master Catalog and in the online store.  Some Programs have required textbooks and some do not.  Some programs include the textbook in the price of the program, other programs do not include the textbook.  If your textbook is not included with your program, you are strongly encouraged to purchase the correct textbook at or before the time of registration.  You may acquire textbooks through any third party of your choice. If you already have the textbook(s), you do not need to purchase more. If you have any questions about textbooks, please send an email to: info@hvacredu.net. 

1.e.  Login

Within 24 hours of your enrollment and payment processing, Student Services will email a welcome letter to you that includes your program schedule, including the list of your courses and their start and end dates.  Also included is your user name and password, directions for accessing your course, and a copy of the participation policy.  Keep a copy of this information as you will use it each time you login.  To get started, simply follow the instructions provided.  Your welcome letter also contains instructions for you to schedule your program orientation at your convenience within 10 days.

Each of your online course sections is guided by an online instructor.  Even though all the course material is included in the section, you can send your instructors an email any time you have a question about the course content.  Instructors are only an email away.

1.f. Orientation Interview

Your instructor will meet with you on the phone and in a webinar setting to introduce you to HVACRedu.net’s online campus.  The orientation interview will cover a long list of topics, allow time for questions and answers, and help you get started learning successfully.

Before the orientation you will have an opportunity to take the Program Pre-Assessment that covers: online learning, math, and English.  Your scores help us provide the learning resources and support you will need.

2.  Student Issues

2.a. Attendance/Participation: 

HVACRedu.net offers asynchronous learning courses, meaning students don’t have to show up at a scheduled place and time.  You may login from anywhere at any time of day.

In order to stay on schedule and complete each course in your program prior to expiration, you are required to login and participate in the learning modules at least 3 times each week.  If you need to take some time away from the course (2-3 days), please notify your instructor in advance and make arrangements to make up that time and assignments upon your return.

If you do not login for one week, you will receive an email from Student Services inquiring about your situation and offering assistance.  If you do not respond to this email, after a few more days you will receive a second email from Student Services.  If you do not respond to the second email, you (and your employer if the employer paid for your enrollment) can expect a phone call.  Our goal is student success and we are here to provide the necessary student support.

If you fall behind schedule, or go missing you may not be able to complete the required readings, assignments, exams, and ultimately--the course--on schedule.  You may place your program on hold for a short period of time, if needed, due to unexpected special circumstances.  You may email Student Services when you wish to re-enter the program.

If you need additional time to complete your course, please contact your instructor.  He or she may be able to arrange for a few additional days.  If you require more than that, please contact studentservices@hvacredu.net who may direct you to purchase an extension from the online Store.

2.b. Resources and Support

If you experience computer difficulties (need help setting up your browser or plug-in, or experience errors or other technical problems) please contact your instructor or studentservices@hvacredu.net.  We can usually help you.

We have also loaded each course with an array of student learning resources. 

  • You do not need to wait for your textbooks before you begin your course, we want you to begin your program and keep up your schedule.  You can catch up with the reading assignments after you get your books.
  •  Read through each course, including the modules, thoroughly.
  • Explore the Glossary and connect to all the links to other web sites included in each course.
  • You are also encouraged to use the Internet to research and explore industry information that will support your career in HVACR.
  • Make sure you communicate with your instructor; our faculty are experts in the field and a wealth of information.

2.c.  Academic Honesty

Academic honesty is at the core of every learning community.  Every student is expected to represent him or herself truthfully in the virtual learning environment.  Access to HVACReducation.net is protected by a username and password.  It is expected that you will protect your user name and password and not share it with any other individual.

Presenting the words, ideas, or expression of another as your own in any form is plagiarism.  If you are uncertain about proper citation of sources you should ask your instructor for direction.  Ignorance is no excuse. There is a no tolerance for cheating or plagiarism in our online learning community.  No credit will be awarded to an assignment or discussion that has been proven to be plagiarized.

2.d. Communication

All of your online communications need to be composed carefully as you are part of a learning community.  Please exercise the same professionalism you would on the job.  Focus your comments on the course material and remember that spelling and grammar are very important. You can use a word-processor with grammar and spellcheck to write, then copy and paste it into your assignment or email.

2.e. Grades

Your instructor is available to provide assistance any time you ask and is charged to respond to your emails within 24 hours (during business hours). Your course grade is entirely based on the scores you earn from module exams, midterm exams, and final exams.  The scores are automatically populated into your grade book upon completion of each exam.

Please remember, Website Resources links are provided to you as additional, supplemental materials to enhance your learning experience. They are intended to be suggestions to encourage your personal exploration of the Web, to find sites that support your course subject matter. Unless specifically stated in your module, the materials presented in these links are not a part of your required course content.”

Exam Retakes: 

Students are expected to be diligent in their studies and preparation prior to taking exams. Exams can be reset only for two reasons: 

  • If a student experienced technical problems during an exam
  • Students may email their instructor with a request to re-set an exam explaining the reasons.  Instructors will re-set a technical problem exam if they verify that the student could not complete the exam.
  • If a student completes a course with a failing grade

The instructor will reset a module exam for the student to retake. The instructor will continue to mentor the student and reset additional module exam(s) until the student reaches a passing score for the course.


If a student fails one or more module exams, but still passes the course, there is no reason to re-set an exam. 

The 101 Fundamentals course for Program Students requires that students must pass each module exam with a score of 75% or higher before they can move on to the next module.   Once this strong foundation is established in the 101 course, students can then move through the remainder of their program at their own pace, one course at a time.

You will be advanced into the next course in your program upon successful completion of each course. 
lease email studentservices@hvacredu.net to notify us when you are ready.

View Your Grades:  The Module Exams, Midterm Exams, and Final Exams are automatically populated into your Grade Book.  You have access to view your Grade Book any time and monitor your progress through the program.

Program Completion:

Passing: If you earned a passing score in every course in your program, and submitted the required end of course surveys, congratulations on a job well done!  Student Services will email a certificate of completion to you.  You may use this certificate to show your employer.

If circumstances prove that you did not successfully complete the coursework for which a certificate or transcript was issued, (for example another individual completed the online courses, or the grades were tampered with to give the appearance of successful completion, or any other circumstance) the Student Services Director will write a letter to you and all parties to whom the certificate or transcript was issued, explaining that the certificate or transcript has been cancelled and is not valid.

2.f. Student Surveys

We need your feedback.  It is essential that we know about your experience at different points in your program by administering surveys.  You are required to complete the short survey at the end of each course.  Remember to follow good communications guidelines and know that your comments are used to evaluate and improve the faculty’s performance, the administration’s performance, and to improve the program curriculum.

Also, after you complete your program, we will send your employer a survey asking for his/her feedback about the effectiveness of your online program through HVACRedu.net and your participation in it.  We want to know that what you learned online is evident in your performance on the job.

2.g. Equity/Disability Guidelines

Students have the right to equitable access to education without regard to race, age, creed, color, political and religious beliefs, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, socioeconomic status, health status, or the presence of any physical, sensory or mental disability.  Students can expect an online learning environment free of prejudice.  High expectations for performance and results will be held for all students in order that they may achieve their highest potential.

If you have the need for special assistance, please contact your instructor who will forward that information on to the HVACRedu.net administrator.  We will make every effort to supply directions to help you meet your accommodation needs.

2.h. Safety

Because our courses are web-based, we do not have to concern ourselves with classroom safety.  However, industry safety is emphasized in each and every course.  Your life and health, and that of your co-workers, may be at risk if you do not practice all the industry safety guidelines.  If you have a question about safety, it is always better to ask first.

2.i. Student Confidentiality
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. The law applies to all schools that receive funds under an applicable program of the U.S. Department of Education.  Although HVACRedu.net is not required under the law to adhere to FERPA because we do not receive funds from the U.S. Department of Education, we still follow FERPA guidelines as closely as reasonably practical.

Student grades, letters of evaluation, attendance records, and private communications may be treated as business materials by the administrators of HVACReducaton.net and may be released to parties who have a vested interest in the student performance (workforce training program administrators, employer/supervisors, state office of apprenticeship, etc.) only by administrators for legitimate academic/employment purposes, or if there are reasonable grounds for believing that releasing such information will be beneficial to the student or will prevent harm to the student or to others.

The FERPA allows schools to disclose any information from a students’ education record, without consent, to the following parties or under the following conditions (34 CFR § 99.31):

  • School officials with legitimate educational interest;
  • Other schools to which a student is transferring;
  • Specified officials for audit or evaluation purposes;
  • Appropriate parties in connection with financial aid to a student;
  • Organizations conducting certain studies for or on behalf of the school;
  • Accrediting organizations;
  • To comply with a judicial order or lawfully issued subpoena;
  • Appropriate officials in cases of health and safety emergencies; and
  • State and local authorities, within a juvenile justice system, pursuant to specific State law.

Also, FERPA states that schools may disclose, without consent, "directory" information such as a student's name, address, telephone number, date and place of birth, honors and awards, and dates of attendance.  If students wish to have directory information withheld for any reason, they must submit a written request to Student Services upon enrollment or as early as possible.

3.  Student Complaints

3.a. Complaint Guidelines

If you have any sort of issue, question, concern, or complaint we encourage you to send  an email to studentservices@hvacredu.net.  Our mission includes our dedication to student success and our policy is to respond to student emails within 24 hours during regular business hours.  If you have a concern that cannot wait for an email response, we encourage you to use our toll free Student Services number (888-655-4822 and enter 1117) for immediate assistance.  The email contacts and phone number can also be found on our web site.

We Recommend the Following Course of Action:

1) Email the instructor of your course first. If the instructor is not able to resolve the question or issue immediately, the instructor will contact one of the administrators and stay in contact with you.

2) If the instructor does not satisfactorily respond to or resolve your question or issue, you are encouraged to email studentservices@hvacredu.net or call student services to reach an administrator.

3) If you so choose, you may also email or call any of the administrators.

If your issue cannot be immediately resolved, it may require the collaborative resolution of more than one department.  Administrators may research the issue and meet to discuss and develop an appropriate response.  This meeting may be via group emails, or conference calls and will be conducted within one week of your complaint.

You will be contacted via email or phone with the response.  If the response involves action from more than one department, you may receive emails or phone calls from each department involved in the response.

Appeals Process:
If you are not satisfied with the response, you may contact the CEO, Chris Compton directly via email (ccompton@hvacredu.net) or telephone (888-655-4822 and extension 1116).  The CEO will conduct an inquiry into all aspects of the stated complaint or concern and may engage all the administrators and faculty closest to the situation.  The CEO may interview the student again or ask for additional information from the student via email or telephone.  The CEO will make a decision and communicate it to all involved via email within two weeks of the appeal notice. The CEO's response will be final.