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Part of the pathway to high skill and knowledge levels is the desire to help others that follow in your footsteps. We have all heard the adage that a picture is worth 1000 words, so now we are challenging you to help us fill that gap.

We need self-shot high-resolution color photos with good lighting in the following categories. Images should be a combination of detailed (closeup) and from a distance to give us an in-context view.

1. HVAC: Condenser, evaporator, metering device, motors, VFD, EEV and more.

2. HVAC: Installation related images such as tight and clean or horrible in appearance.

3. Refrigeration: Walk-in, reach-in, unitary systems, commercial appliances.

4. Electrical: BAS/DDC controls, electrical control panels, disasters, failures, and disaster-in-waiting.

5. HVACR: General installations

We need self-shot videos that tell a story. There is no reason to edit the videos as our editors will do that for us. Listed are a few examples of the types and situations that we need.

1. Videos need to tell a story such as using a voltmeter to ohm out a compressor.

2. Connect your manifold gauges and walk us through a charging procedure.

3. Demonstrate measuring External Static Pressure on an HVAC system.

4. Find and repair a refrigerant leak.

5. The examples are boundless. Tell us a story and send it in!

Some Important Rules

1. The photos and videos MUST have been taken by and owned by the contributor.

2. Once submitted and purchased, all editorial rights pass to and it's assigns.

Next Steps

1. Please complete the enrollment form below and upload 1  sample image. If accepted, we will set you up with your personal upload portal.

2. Your portal will allow you to freely upload pictures and videos to our image repository for review by our editors.

3. Our editors will review, reject or approve and submit payment for your accepted photos.

Approved Photo payment is as follows:

Single images of a relevant subject, such as a unit installed upside down: $1.00 USD

Groups (10 min) of the same unit/system showing all aspects: $15.00 USD

Videos: $25.00

75 photos of a site installation: $100.00

Ready to Enroll and Start Submitting your photos and videos?

Complete this registration form. Our Editor will contact you within 1 working day with further directions.