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Commercial Refrigeration for the HVAC Technician Training 

About the Course

The Commercial Refrigeration for HVAC Technicians course is  perfect for HVACR technicians and contractors who want to understand better refrigeration systems used in commercial applications like stores, warehouses, restaurants, and product and food services.  We will compare things you’re already familiar with such as space temperatures and typical components of basic AC systems to those of commercial refrigeration systems.

Lectures from the author, Dick Wirz are recorded and included in the delivery, so you feel like you’re sitting in his classroom.  Dick covers everything you need from refrigeration principles through evaporators, condensers, compressors, metering devices, controls, accessories, motors, and the various refrigerants used so you can service walk-in refrigerators and freezers with confidence. 

A workshop on the most common service issues and troubleshooting procedures create an interactive experience giving you a chance to put your knowledge to work on the 9 most common system problems. A discussion of when to apply TROT (The Rule Of Thumb) in the absence of a manufacturer’s recommendation completes the course.

Students enrolled in this course receive lifetime training updates via LIVE webinars.

This Commercial Refrigeration for HVAC Technicians course is recognized for 24 hours of continuing education (CEHs) applicable to NATE recertification, and BPI recognized for 12 continuing education units (CEUs).

The courses included in this program are 441 HVACR Commercial Refrigeration 1 and 442 HVACR Commercial Refrigeration 2.

The textbook is included in the tuition for this course.

Online Self Directed Training

The online program is an academic CTE (Career Technical Education) model. Student support is provided by key student support groups. Student Support Services and Faculty Instructors.

    For the Employer (if applicable to your situation)

    • Employer notification of less than satisfactory performance
    • Reporting to employer on student progress

    For the Student

    • Registration into each section in the selected sequence
    • Issuance of Certificate of Completion upon successfully passing each section
    • Online Faculty- mentoring and technical topic assistance directly to the student
    • Business hour communications via email, chat, and phone

    Training and Time Management

    The online program model is called an ALN (Asynchronous Learning Network). The study is self-directed an ONLINE, done on your schedule at your time and place but must be diligently pursued to complete each course.


    The program is self-directed online with a 60-day enrollment per course. Our students can request their course to be placed on hold for up to 6-months.

    Whats Covered In The Program

    441-Commercial Refrigeration 1

    Refrigeration Principles




    Metering Devices

    Controls and Accessories

    Refrigeration System Troubleshooting Part 1

    Refrigeration System Troubleshooting Part 2

    442-Commercial Refrigeration 2

    Compressor Motor Controls

    Retrofitting, Recovery, Evacuation, and Charging

    Supermarket Refrigeration

    Walk-in Refrigerators and Freezers

    Product Temperatures for Preservation and Health

    Refrigeration Business Tips

    Newly Added

    141 - Refrigeration I - v3

    142 - Refrigeration 2 - v2