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About the Approach

Blended Learning

Blended Learning with HVACRedu.net combines online content and the more traditional face to face approach. An example of this might be for an academic setting. The theory is delivered via online with an established number of hours reserved for face to face for lab requirements. This type of blended approach can create the best of both worlds for schools by saving valuable classroom resources. For students, blended learning programs allow a flexible lab requirement, enabling the outreach of his or her program.

Content developed by HVACRedu.net can stand alone, but these added blended options can be an effective mixture to meet your educational requirements.

Mentored Course

In a mentored course, a student works one-on-one with a Certified Master HVACR Educator credentialed instructor in a self-paced manner, meaning the student works to complete a course at their pace within the designated timeframe (typically 30, 60 or 90 days). The instructor, who is an industry expert, is assigned at the time of course registration and serves as the student’s mentor throughout the duration of the course. Notification to the student is by e-mail of the instructor name and contact information within 24 hours of registration.

All course activity is done virtually (online). Students have access to their course 24/7, so they set their schedule. However, they are expected to meet all course requirements by the end of the course, seeking guidance and support from the instructor as needed. Communication between student and instructor is primarily via email. Telephone calls are welcomed when needed.

As a mentor, the instructor’s primary role is to provide a personal contact for the student as well as serve as an expert learning coach. In this role, the instructor:

  • Provides valuable expertise and guidance on the course subject matter
  • Seeks additional subject matter expertise when necessary
  • Monitors student progress and exams results
  • Assists with administrative and content issues within a course
  • Is approachable, available and responsive via email communication

This Mentored Self-Paced learning approach can be thought of as getting private lessons; there are one student and one instructor.

  • Self-paced
  • Mentored learning with industry expert
  • One-on-one interaction with instructor
  • Instructor monitoring, assistance & guidance


To work together, especially in a joint intellectual effort. 

We accomplish the collaborative effort in an effective and efficient manner. One can picture this in an academic or school type setting where the instructor and the students are in a classroom. The same holds true in our online education collaborative course, except that students are  meeting virtually.

Our collaborative course environment assigns an industry expert to the group of students. While the training is online, delivery is paced with associated activities, readings, and assignment for that week. Also, the instructor provides a conference or discussion type environment for the student to answer questions and articulate discussion. Not only does this allow for instructor-to-student learning, but it allows for peer to peer learning as well.

Very much like any classroom, a working class is informative and fun! With the collaboration method, the students are assigned a weekly participation grade to meet the requirements of the class environment. A student cannot sit back in the corner and remain uninvolved.

The participation grades can range from 10% to 50% of the course. All online training delivery is an asynchronous environment. While students can access their course 24/7, the student has a choice in when and where they access it. The requirements include:

  • Keep pace weekly
  • Participate in the conference discussion

This is an online venue and provides a great value with the background face-to-face educational experience.

Typically our degree seeking and apprenticeship programs are delivered in these collaborative environments, but we also have the many distributors and individual company courses that chose this option as well.

  • The instructional content complies with HVAC Excellence accreditation standards
  • The textbook is available, added to the tuition for this program.

Online Self Directed Training

The online program is an academic CTE (Career Technical Education) model. Student support is provided by key student support groups: Student Support Services and Faculty Instructors.

The program is delivered through consistantly updated Moodle Learning Management Systems.

For the School and Instructor (if applicable to your situation)

  • Notification of less than satisfactory performance
  • Self directed reporting to school and instructor on student progress

For the Student

  • Registration into each section in the selected sequence
  • Course is available through almost any web enabled device
  • Issuance of Certificate of Completion upon successfully passing each section
  • Online Faculty- mentoring and technical topic assistance directly to the student
  • Business hour communications via email, chat, and phone


Training and Time Management

The online program model is called an ALN (Asynchronous Learning Network). The study is self directed and ONLINE, done on your schedule at your time and place but must be diligently pursued to complete each course.

The program is self directed online with a 60-day enrollment per course. Our students can request their course be placed on hold for up to 6 months.

The best way of getting the look and feel of the program is to schedule a live demonstration with our student registrar team.

Whats Covered In The Program

We have developed recommended program structures that fit the requirement of many apprenticeship level schools. With 100's of courses, the program is easily structured to meet the requirements of any program.

Our program development team works with your instructional staff to develop the closest match to your program. Depending on how the program is structured, more lab time is available to the students. Moreover, the student count can usually be increased using the same facility by moving the classroom component off campus.

Schedule a LIVE Demonstration and Consultation

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