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Find Out More About HVAC Training ONLINE

HVACRedu.net has the most indepth Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning  and Refrigeration courses in the world.

As the need for professionally trained and certified technicians grows it is ever increasingly vital to provide resources to match busy schedules.

  • Each of our professionally created courses and programs is built around a sequence of learning
  • The end goal is building up professional technicians to solve the future industry vacancies and needs
  • The company has earned many awards and recognitions for our course tracks, specialty courses, and our people.
  • Certified Master HVAC Educators (CMHE) are standing by to help you through your HVAC fundamental learning pathway and stackable credentials.

MISSION: HVACRedu.net leads the nation by providing quality online workforce training programs for the HVACR and related industries through structured effective student learning and prompt exceptional customer service.


VISION:    Our vision is to transform the HVACR and related industries into a learning community where state and nationally recognized industry licenses and certifications are achievable and maintained; where new workers enter the industry through a structured employer-sponsored corporate training program; and where technicians have a place to continue to upskill their knowledge in keeping with new equipment, energy efficiencies, methods, and technologies. 


We make learning awesome and predictable

Academic Delivery

Our user-friendly Learning Management Systems (LMS) deliver your lessons, courses and learning tracks to almost any device with an internet connection. 


Recommendations, consultations and guidance from of our team of specialists will help you avoid mistakes and blunders during your lesson, course and learning tracks.


Learn about the things that 'make us tick' by following the two links below.


Our courses and tracks are designed around the beginning student, the technician or company management. Check with our helpful learning services team members and ask about programs tailored for your needs.