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Air Conditioning (HVAC ) Apprenticeship Related Training Program

624 (or more) instructional hours

Refer to the Program Admissions and Enrollment Process after this section.

This apprenticeship related training program is entirely online–convenient quality education. Courses align with the US Department of Labor Apprenticeship Guidelines and is a Registered Apprenticeship Training Provider.

This online program is the related training/educational component of registered apprenticeship programs; or many employers find it a valuable way to provide on-the-job training to new employees.  [Note: Employment and on-the-job-training are not included.]   All courses are written and supported by qualified industry experts.  Courses are open entry:open exit, available 24/7/365 so students may begin the program at any time.  Students have 8 months from the date of enrollment to access their online program and complete the year’s curriculum.  We are happy to offer assistance registering your apprenticeship program with our online training in your state, please contact us.  Also, please check out the Tool List at the back of this catalog.

Year 1 (162 hours)

Basic Construction Math (12 hrs)

Basic Hand and Power Tools (6 hrs)

Intro to Applied Science (24 hrs)

Energy Sources (12 hrs)

Intro to Code (12 hrs)

Customer Service (6 hrs)

Fuel Piping (30 hrs)

Venting (30 hrs)

OSHA Construction Safety (30 hrs)

Year 2 (150 hours)

Intro to Blueprints (24 hrs)

Appliance Installation (24 hrs)

Heat Loads (24 hrs)

Indoor Air Quality (18 hrs)

Electrical I (24 hrs)

Electrical II (36 hrs)

Year 3 (156 hours)

Basic AC & Refrigeration (30 hrs)

Systems Air Flow & Duct Sizing (30 hrs)

Introduction to Hydronics (6 hrs)

Introduction to Service (12 hrs)

Basic Controls (36 hrs)

Basic Sheet Metal (42 hrs)

Year 4 (156 hours)

Testing & Air Balance (12 hrs)

Control Strategies (6 hrs)

Advanced Air Conditioning & Heat Pump (42 hrs)

Advanced Service (24 hrs)

Systems Integration (12 hrs)

Code Review (48 hrs)

Project Management (12 hrs)

Program Learning Objectives:

Year 1

1. The apprentice will demonstrate new knowledge in the subjects of  OSHA Construction Safety, Basic Construction Math, Basic Hand & Power Tools, Introduction to Applied Science, Energy Sources, Intro to Code, Customer Service, Fuel Piping and Venting by earning an overall average score of 75% or higher in the combined year’s curriculum.

Year 2

1. The apprentice will demonstrate new knowledge in the subjects of Heat Loads, Indoor Air Quality, Electrical, Blueprints, and Appliance Installation; by earning an overall average score of 75% or higher in the combined year’s curriculum.

Year 3

1. The apprentice will demonstrate new knowledge in the subjects of:  Basic Sheet Metal, Basic Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Systems Air and Duct Sizing, Intro to Hydronics, Intro to Service, and Basic Controls; by earning an overall average score of 75% or higher in the combined year’s curriculum.

Year 4

1. The apprentice will demonstrate new knowledge in the subjects of: Advanced Service, Systems Integration, Code Review, Project Management, Testing & Air Balance, and Control Strategies; by earning an overall average score of 75% or higher in the combined year’s curriculum.

Apprentices are enrolled for one years’ list of topics for an 8 month period of time to complete.  We provide a live program orientation to help students succeed and a campus navigation video.  Apprentices can view only the first topic module, and open the following module by earning a minimum score of 65% on each exam. . . one module at a time . . . however, an overall averaged grade of 75% is required to successfully pass the program and receive a certificate of completion.  Try to complete 2 modules each week.  You should refer to the Apprentice Student Handbook for specifics.

This program qualifies for our pay-as-you-go in-house financing.  Contact if you want to set up your payment plan.


Welcome!  We’re here to help you start your career in HVACR.


1.  Students should be 18 years or older.  Submitting your enrollment for a program validates that you are at least 18.  If you are not yet 18, please email before enrolling.


2.  It is recommended that students are employed in the HVACR industry; OR that they make arrangements with an HVACR industry professional who can supervise the practical application of competencies, provide hands-on work experience, OR that you have the use of a learning lab throughout the program.  If you do not yet have these arrangements, you are encouraged to make some local contacts.  If you cannot find a placement, please let us know so we can help you locate a situation in your area.


3.  Students need frequent reliable access to a computer with high speed internet and need to allow sufficient time (6 hours or more per week) to devote to learning.  We recommend a PC or MAC/iMAC computer for optimal learning:

·         Your PC computer browser should be Chrome with Flash set to allow

·         Your MAC or iMAC computer browser should be Safari with “settings for this website” Adobe Flash is on or enabled, and uncheck “enable content blockers”.

·         If you choose to use a tablet (whether it be iOS or Android) you will need to download a browser (such as Puffin Browser) to view the many flash assets included in the courses.


4.  Complete this self-assessment:  “Is Online Learning Right for You” that will help you think about what you need to prepare for learning online.


5.  Select the Program of your choice and be prepared to pay in full or to make a down payment (if you select the Pay-as-you-go plan) with a credit or debit card.  Your employer may want to pay for all or part of your enrollment as your on-the-job-training program.  Or your employer may reimburse you for all or part of your enrollment after you successfully complete the program.  If your employer pays for your enrollment, will provide him with your activity and progress reports (when requested).


6.  Complete the Program Enrollment Information:

student’s first and last name, mailing address, email, and phone; and

your employer’s company title, contact person's first and last name, email, and phone.


7.  Proceed to the payment page and complete (choose pay in full, or pay-as-you-go).


8.  Once your purchase is processed, Student Services will email a welcome letter with your User Name and Password along with instructions for logging into the campus.  Check your email and save it.


9.  As soon as you can, log into the campus and complete your “Program Pre-Assessment” that will provide us with your Computer, English, and Math readiness.  Whatever your score, it’s fine.  There is no pass or fail.


10.  Your Program begins with an orientation with one of our faculty.  The Orientation information will be provided to you in your email welcome letter.  Please complete and submit #9 above before your orientation, as your faculty may want to discuss this with you.


11.  You do not need to wait until your Orientation is completed to start your first course.  And you do not need to wait for your textbook (if there is one).  The time starts ticking on your enrollment period the day we email your welcome letter, so you’ll want to get started.


12.  Once you begin studying online, you may ask questions or get assistance by emailing your instructor or Student Services.  We are here to support your educational success. 888-655-4822 Option: 3 888-655-4822 Option: 4

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