HVAC and Refrigeration Technician Education  
Apprentice-Level through Senior-Level Technicians and Management

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We are the solution to the global problem of unfilled and unfillable HVAC industry vacancies. Our company helps  new and experienced Technicians, Contractors, Facilities Managers and Service Managers to develop meaningful long-term careers and work to change the way the world uses its energy. 

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HVAC Technician Training Programs

New Start Apprentice-Level Technician

Growing Technician

Experienced Technician

Service Manager

We have a training track for HVACR employees of every skill level, from the new apprentice-level technician up to the most experienced service tech.

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HVAC Contractor and Facilites Management

Are you a HVACR Contractor or Facility Manager? We have specialized programs for every employee type. From the new apprentice-level technician through the most experienced employee HVACRedu.net has the program and training track to ensure successful training.

Our Training Programs

New Technician
​​​​​​​ Apprentice-Level

The new Technician entering the trades needs the core skills to succeed. This accredited training track, called the TechLaunch ensures that the new technician succeeds with a combination of videos, video lectures and more...

Commercial Refrigeration
and Food Market

This accredited  course is built on the Author's textbook written by Dick Wirz. Starting with the detailed basics, real-world examples with video lectures...

Building Automation

More commercial buildings than ever rely on Building Automation-Direct Digital Control systems to optimize energy usage and maximize manpower usage. This accredited track provides real world video and lectures...

Facilities Technician

HVACRedu.net proves a dedicated accredited training track for the facilities mechanic requiring the core skills of HVAC, lighting and more...

Blended Learning

Technical schools are pressured to provide an online learning program for their HVACR students. HVACRedu.net provides an accredited out-of-the-box or tailored program...

Public Utility Optimization program development and management

As training budgets shrink, HVACRedu.net provides cost effective manufacturer technical training to dealers, technicians and employees...

Discover the advantages

Thanks to our years of experience and our committed attention to the needs of our customers, we create training projects at the highest professional level.

Dedicated Instructional Team of Subject Matter Experts and Certified Master HVACR Educators (CMHE)

Learning Management Systems are hosted on managed servers with at least a 99.9% uptime

All programs and courses  are either ANSI or HVAC Excellence accredited and  recognized by NATE for initial certification and continuing education hours (CE Hours).


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